Itaguaí, Brazil: Fr Sjaak de Boer mhm Honoured

Itaguaí, Brazil: Fr Sjaak de Boer mhm Honoured

Father Sjaak de Boer mhm, one of the people responsible for the facelift of the current facade of the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier in Itaguaí, returned to the city for a visit and was honored on Thursday (9) at the Municipal Council of Itaguaí. It was the town councillor Ivanzinho who presented him with a token of appreciation and praise for services rendered to the city.

Together with the Dutch priest, who currently serves in The Hague in Holland, the Dutch journalist Jan Vriend came to Itaguaí. According to Ivanzinho, the Dutch reporter was writing a story about Catholic politicians in Brazil and their work.

Father Sjaak de Boer mhm, who was in charge of the diocese of Itaguaí for 12 years, emphasized that during his time there, the diocese counted many social pastoral workers and that social action was at the top of the agenda. “At that time we realized how important it is to involve a lot of people in various projects not only in building buildings but much more in building communities.

Pope Francis tells us to support the dignity of the poor, of ecology, of migrants. For a church to be relevant today, it must have a close relationship with the people. We have to put the most abandoned first”, the Dutch priest said.

During this visit to Itaguaí, the former parish priest of the Cathedral of Itaguaí met the City Council, as well as hearing about some facts that occurred after his departure from the municipality. Councilor Ivanzinho, who is a Catholic, conducted the visit. “I met Fr Sjaak de Boer mhm in 1995, he celebrated my marriage and left Itaguaí in 1998.

A Dutch reporter, Jan Vriend, who came with Fr Sjaak came to do a story about the work that the Catholic Christian is doing in politics, the role of the Christian lay Catholic in politics and the projects that each Catholic parliamentarian is presenting, following what Pope Francisco asked during WYD in 2013”, concluded Ivanzinho. Councillor Ivanzinho talked about his projects and led the priest to the City Hall.





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