Jubilee Visit to Nuncio

Jubilee Visit to Nuncio

Book presentation

On Thursday 18th August a delegation of Mill Hill missionaries led by Fr Desmond McGillicuddy, Vicar General, paid a courtesy visit to the Rt Rev Aldo Cavalli, Papal Nuncio to The Netherlands, to present him with two Jubilee Publications of the Dutch Region:

Paul de Schipper's Jubilee Book 'Er Komt Altijd een Nieuwe Bron', and Piet Korse's 'Missiehuis Hoorn en de Westfriese Millhillers'.

Piet Korse mhm, Nuncio Cavalli, Desmond McGillicuddy mhm

Piet Korse mhm, Nuncio Cavalli, Sjaak de Boer mhm

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