Kakamega, Kenya: Annual Assembly of the Mill Hill Missionaries

Kakamega, Kenya: Annual Assembly of the Mill Hill Missionaries

It took us nearly seven hours to drive from Nairobi to Kakamega. A long and tiring drive. But I was hugely impressed with the transformation of the Kenyan road system since I last travelled these regions in 2015. Kenya is making impressive strides forward in improving its roads infrastructure.

But just outside Kakamega on our way to the Bishop Stam Pastoral Centre we hit the roadworks and assorted dust clouds. Towards evening of Tuesday 8thJanuary a lively crowd of mostly young Mill Hill missionaries had assembled at the Bishop Stam Centre. They had come for the annual three-day assembly.

The assembly kicked off with a morning of prayerful recollection on the theme of discipleship and, in the afternoon, a workshop on issues emerging from the Mill Hill Missionary ‘Protocol on Dealing with Abuse of Children and Vulnerable Adults’. Both were animated by yours truly.

The following day the 47 participants of the assembly turned their attention to a raft of reports from the region, from the different places of mission, formation/vocations and finance. After some group sharing in the morning Regional Representative Philip Adede fielded questions in the afternoon relating to the regional report and issues pertaining to the region.

The highlight of the day was the Eucharist celebrated in gratitude for the golden jubilee later this year of Brother Franz Bischof.

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