Kenya at the Crossroads

Kenya at the Crossroads

Philip Adede Amek mhm

Political tension has gripped Kenya for a very long period now, starting from well before the current election period. Kenya today stands a divided country with both sides of the divide not willing to engage in constructive dialogue that would enable the country to get out of the current impasse. Despite the many voices being raised on the current tension, politicians have stuck to their hard-line positions that may lead the country into further tension and possible chaos.

Blood has been shed, property lost and businesses brought to their knees. Justice, democracy and leadership values are put to the test as Kenyans go into another election where one major party has boycotted the process. Whatever the outcome of the election, it does not look feasible that pending issues and concerns will have been addressed. It is a rather sad situation for a country that has been a beacon of peace and hope in Africa to be degenerating into anarchy. 26th October 2017 will go into the annals of history as a date when Kenya made history to determine its future either for peace or violence. There is still hope that politicians will consider the plight of the ordinary Kenyans on both sides of divide whose main concern is their daily bread, a free and democratic country. Let us keep our Kenya in our prayers.

Fr Philip Adede Amek mhm


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