Images can be more eloquent than words. So, as I am preparing to return to Oosterbeek after a three weeks stay in Kinshasa, DR Congo, here is a pictorial tribute to this amazing metropolis bursting with life, shining with colour and swinging to the sounds rumba music.  Someone predicted Kin-la-Belle will one day be the fashion capital of the world! But there is also Kin-la-Poubelle (garbage can), the scene of the desperate struggle of millions of people to survive in coniditions of squalor and neglect, on less than the proverbial dollar a day. Kinshasa, a city with an estimated 12 million inhabitants, a capital of many seering contrasts, in a country teetering precariously on the brink of chaos.


Boulevard du 30 juin


Quiet despair

Beautiful people

Srs Denise, Marie Thérèse in Kingabwa

A Church alive

Bilenge ya Mwinda - Youth of the Light gathering

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