Kitale (Kenya) Community Advancement Programme

Kitale (Kenya) Community Advancement Programme

Associate Mill Hill missionary, Jacinta van Luijk, is the driving force behind the Kitale Community Advancement Programme (KAP). Here is another moving testimony of a participant in one of the workshops offered by KAP. (language reproduced as presented in the original)

Am thirty years old, born in a family of five children I being a third born. I have gone through several psychological and emotional challenges that were covered by my spiritual life, I couldn’t achieve my goals in life due to the early death of my beloved dad. I remember very well my sister in-law who was unfaithful to my brother, she extra sexual marital affairs. One day my brother realized that she a date with the man who was befriending her, so he kept on monitoring the move and got them ready handed. Unfortunately they fought and the man died on spot, the family of the deceased was angry and came to fight back the same night. The two families fought and my father was also killed on the scene.

The death of my father marked the beginning of a new chapter of psychological and emotional torture. As a young adult I developed a script and began to belief that all women are unfaithful. It was not easy for me to trust a woman. This has really affected my marriage and my attitude on people living with HIV/AIDS; I thought being HIV positive is a result of bad behavior.

For the last 10 years we had never eaten neither met together face on and shared anything as family members despite that am a spiritual leader. I was very un- sympathetic on his health, he has been sickly but it was none of my business. Through KAP training I came to understand my river of life, where i came from, where I am and where am heading. I also realized to harm I was causing to myself and others, the anger pain in me was like taking poison and expecting the person who harmed me to die.

I was stuck that I could not make any heath decisions. the most helpful topic that helped me were; Self-awareness, fact on HIV/AIDS, positive living, the behavior process method, decision making skills, and the reconciliation ceremony.

Today as am speaking my uncle who is my brothers son is here to testify about the positive steps i took towards forgiveness and reconciling with my brother  we have let go the past and let God in our new beginning. It was not easy but i have made it. My life was dominated with lots of hidden issue that was almost taking me out of focus.

Through KAP follow up activities and group counseling i was given chance to mirror myself, digest and vomit out all that was eating me up. i challenged my attitude on HIV related matters defused my holding on grudges anger for revenge.

Hongera   KAP I can now have a ray of light for the new steps. Keep on the same spirit and reach out to many more that are going through several challenges.

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