KUAP – Pandipieri: the Successful Handover of a Multifaceted Slum Project in Kisumu, Kenya

KUAP – Pandipieri: the Successful Handover of a Multifaceted Slum Project in Kisumu, Kenya

In April this year Fr Hans Burgman mhm, the initiator of the outstanding KUAP/Pandipieri Slum Development Project, retired to The Netherlands. The actual handover of the running of theproject had already taken place fifteen years earlier. But Fr Hans’ inspiring and supportive presence in the background as a kind of éminence grise was much appreciated. Now that too has come to an end.

Fr Hans Burgman mhm


In a recent KUAP/Pandiperi Newsletter Fr Hans writes: “It is important to realise that I withdrew from the daily running of KUAP already 15 years ago. Since then structures have been put in place that ensure that everything continues also without me. In this connection it is important to look at the speech held by the chirperson of KUAP at the annual general assembly in September 2017. In it the chairperson, Fr Moses Omolo, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Kisumu, highlights the reach and quality of the work undertaken in Kisumu, proper financial accountability, the support it attracts from all over the world, and how thousands of people in Kenya benefit from this intergral development scheme”.


Fr Moses Omolo, chairperson of the KUAP Board, to the Annual General Meeting (extracts):

I wish to report to this meeting that KUAP audited annual accounts for the financial year 2016 has registered impressive results as presented to you by the external auditor and the key achievement is; KUAP accounts have received unqualified audit opinion. 96% of all funded activities were implemented and an external evaluation was undertaken and is the guiding force behind the three Programmes; Children’s Services, Community Health and Education.
I wish to commend the Management Team led by Sr. Bernadette Nealon for good stewardship of the organization and prudent management of resources. KUAP’ human resource
Board of Governors.

Sr Bernadette Nealon fmsj

In this past year the appointed Board of Governor’s performance of their work enabled KUAP to register excellent results. The Board is comprised of specialized individuals who hold positions as portfolio holders in different fields including law, finance, human resource, education, health and children’s Services. KUAP is indebted to each Board member for the voluntary service they provide to KUAP to enrich the lives of children, youth and adults.

As Chairperson of the Board of Governors I wish to express my gratitude to the Board of Governors for giving their service unconditionally to serve the community.

Fr. Hans Burgman founder of KUAP after many years of service left Kisumu on 30th April 2017. He does however continue as a Board member emeritus as a Dr. of Philosophy. KUAP programmes and the community are still very close to his heart and he continues to seek financial support for projects in KUAP. On behalf of the Board I extend thanks to Fr. Hans, his family and Friends of Pandipieri for their support to KUAP.

KUAP Programmes
I am very happy to report that the two approved projects funded by Comic Relief are greatly benefiting the community and this is due to partnership between Practical Action, Umande Trust and KUAP and Chance for Childhood, Yellow House and KUAP. Water is life and KisumuSan is bringing life to the community through various means; including through Neighbourhood Planning Association who have become the voice between the community and Kisumu County Government. Who would have thought that Community Health Volunteers would be working side by side with the County Government laboratory personnel taking specimens of water samples for testing and protecting the community children, youth and adults from waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. We applaud the ‘Champions’ for this voluntary service to humanity.

Learning Support Assistants (LSA) in Children’s Services are many and after training, LSA’ are placed in Primary Schools to support street connected children and potential street connected children to return to mainstream education with the possibility to reach their potential. Child Protection is a major responsibility in the community and I am happy to report that the community response is overwhelming. The Board thanks the community for protecting children and vulnerable youth and adults.

The Vocational Training Schools in Nyalenda and Magadi achieved 100% pass rate in the examination results which is a wonderful achievement and 35% are already employed and 20% have set up their own business and the remaining 40% are on attachment. 5% are using their skills at home. I am grateful to parents who have recognized Vocational Training as a means of developing the talents of their children and entry into the business market.

Dream Girls boosted the numbers of girls who were given the opportunity to develop their skills and talents and the Board of Governors applauds those who invested in youth. Misean Cara from Ireland has wholeheartedly supported Children’s Services, Education, Health & Water & Sanitation through Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph (Mill Hill Sisters) for which the Board is truly grateful.

KUAP Nursery Schools in Pandipieri and Magadi Catholic Centres also excelled in the examination results and many children received entry to primary schools of their choice.

In October 2016 Centre for Diseases Control (CDC) reorganized Church Based HIV Projects and KUAP became a partner to Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops – Kenya AIDS Response Programme. This impacted positively on community access to quality services. The Board is appreciative of the inclusion of KUAP in KARP Project. On behalf of the Board I thank FACES for the years they supported the Comprehensive Care Centre Project (2008 – 2016).




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