Laudato Si’: Season of Creation Begins September 1st

Laudato Si’: Season of Creation Begins September 1st

Leonardo Boff

Animator of the Month

This month we honor Leonardo Boff as our Laudato Si’ Animator of the month. Boff is a noted theologian and writer who is recognized worldwide for his dedication to advocating on behalf of the environment, the oppressed, and marginalized. He was one of the experts consulted by Pope Francis to write the encyclical Laudato Si’. In 1995, Boff wrote the book “The Cry of the Earth and Cry of the Poor”, establishing a close relationship between the poor and the fragility of our planet, one of the strongest ideas of the encyclical. Boff has been a strong supporter of GCCM initiatives, including our Catholic Climate Petition in 2015 and, most recently, our Laudato Si’ Pledge campaign.

Global Catholic Climate Movement

Season of Creation

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