Lay Missionary Commitment

Lay Missionary Commitment

Corry van den Bosch mhm

Today on the last sunday of October – the Mission Month –

Mill Hill lay associate Corry van den Bosch renewed her missionary association

in a simple ceremony during the Eucharist.

Corry van den Bosch is a long time Mill Hill lay associate who has served as a missionary in the Pandipieri project in Kisumu, Kenya, in the Huyslinci project in Entebbe, Uganda, Mbikko and in Panyang'ara, North Eastern Uganda. Recently she returned to the Netherlands.

Renewal of Missionary Commitment (text)

Martien van Leeuwen (Regional) and Corry van den Bosch

I desire to share in th missionary task
of Saint Joseph's Missionary Society
and wish to dedicate myself
in the spirit of the Gospel
to the missionary apostolate.

I understand the meaning of Association
and I am ready to accept the duties and privileges
of an Associate of the (Mill Hill ) Society.

I entrust my work as a lay missionary
to the Lord of the harvest,
through the intercession of Our Lady,
Mother of the Church,
and Saint Joseph, Patron of our (Mill Hill) Society.

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