Letter from Rome

Letter from Rome

Sepp Schmölzer mhm

Rome General Procure

"A letter from Rome"

While the summer is getting hotter … and the rains less, those who are able to go, will leave Rome. Yet still, one can see so many tourists around the obligatory visiting-sites, you just wonder! Also the pilgrims of the Jubilee Year at St. Peter and the other Basilicas are increasing. So has security, which makes the waiting sometimes a time of testing the endurance of the heat.

On the 14th March 2016, just five days before our 150 Year Celebration of Mill Hill, the "Charity for St.Joseph's Missionary Society (Generalate)", residing at Via Innocenzo X, nr.16, has received the Recognition by the Italian Government as a "Persone Giuridiche per presa d'atto". This has been a long, tiring and costly way, where endless documents (with official translation) were required. Thanks to all who had the patience to complete this important mile stone for the Society.

Our house has seen again a good number of visitors, Mill Hill and other, over the first half year. 205 nights were booked over the first six months of this year, by a total of 34 people, 16 of them Mill Hillers. We have had one student from Kerala in the house, who is following a 2-year program in spirituality at the Angelicum.

In the "Annuario Pontificio" , we are also metioned as "Collegio dei Missionari di San Giuseppe di Mill Hill". Next year we will be a "little Collegio" again with five Priest-students: Three from Tanzania, one from Archdiocese of Bamenda, and the Vincentian Missionary (VM) from Kerala doing his second year.

Two rooms at the first Floor have been rented out to a GP, stationed in England, but who wants to open a practice also in Rome, to be able to spend more time with his family who is staying in Rome.

In this way we will receive some money back from the investment of the renovation costs. There is still enough place for visitors in the house for the future, but it will be good to book in time, just in case.

Sepp Schmölzer MHM

Rome, 08/07.2016

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