Limbang, Malaysia: Say it with Art

Limbang, Malaysia: Say it with Art

Painting is a natural talent that God has given me. I never went to school to learn art but since my childhood I liked to draw and paint. I never thought that I could paint huge figures. I thank God for this great gift in my life to express His Love and Mercy to people around me.

Those two “icons” that I painted on the church walls have attracted many Christians and as well as non-Christians. These icons express the “Merciful Heart of Jesus and Loving Heart of Mother Mary”. They are the icons of Mercy to everyone who passes the church, because the church is just by the main road. Everyone must pass the church because it’s the only the way by road.

I did these paintings in preparation for the 50th anniversary of St Edmund Church.

Fr. Ravindra Babu (Christu) mhm


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