Luigi Gioia: Touched by God.

Luigi Gioia: Touched by God.

If you are looking for an inspiring read for Lent, you could do worse than take Luigi Gioia’s ‘Touched by God’. I found its contemporary feel and surprising insights a real tonic. A refreshing guide for the Lenten journey.  (Fons Eppink)

We often say to the person we love most (a partner, a dear friend): “I think of you all the time.” This does not mean we have no other thoughts or that we are unable to pay attention to anything else (although sometimes, and for short periods of time, this might happen). It means that whenever we pause for a moment or we change activities or are not absorbed in something important, the first thing that comes to our mind is the person we love.

In the same way, praying without ceasing does not mean that we talk to God literally all the time, but that beneath all our activities and thoughts there is a constant desire for God. When we are absorbed in other activities we might not be aware of it, but as soon as we have a little pause in the midst of our activities the thought of God and our trust in him immediately comes to the surface again.

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