Malaysia: Missionary Community of Corpus Christi Newsletter

Malaysia: Missionary Community of Corpus Christi Newsletter

It has been almost three years since the last issue of Missiocom was published in December 2014. Missiocom went through a long hiatus, not because there wasn’t any note worthy news to report, but because there were many activities that deserved more attention and time, all in the field of mission. Missiocom is now playing “catch-up” with all the news over the last three years. They will serve as a record of all the important developments in the history of MCCC as well as a testament to the work of the Holy Spirit guiding MCCC to embrace her future.


At the same time, we in MCCC, are grateful to all our friends and benefactors for providing for us throughout this time, and especially during the celebration of our 10th Anniversary last year. Not only have they been generous with their gifts but we also appreciate all their prayers and support and always pray that the Lord will continue to bless them and their families throughout the year. Without their contributions, MCCC would not have got to where it is now.


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