Melodies from my Heart
Emmanuel Mbeh Melodies

Melodies from my Heart

Fr Emmanuel Mbeh mhm

Leading up to the 19th of March last year, I shared on the website the melodies and sentiments I’d gathered as we celebrated the 150th Anniversary of our Society. I mentioned the songs I hoped be share in record soonest. It has taken longer than expected, but finally here they are, imperfect melodies from my heart:


  1. Remember the Elders – Hebrews 11-13.
  2. Mill Hill has spread
  3. On wings of Hope – Mission statement chapter 2000.
  4. No partiality
  5. Jesus Yesterday – Hebrews 13.
  6. Nil Nisi Te Domine!


Copies will be Available at the Generalate at Maidenhead for those who had asked or will want them in compact disks.

Emmanuel Mbeh



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