Memorial of Fr Alois Prader mhm

Memorial of Fr Alois Prader mhm

A photographic report of celebrations in Lalkurti and Sargodha, Pakistan

Fr Alois Prader mhm who died on 10th February 2016 served as a missionary in Pakistan all his life

He was appointment to Rawalpindi Diocese after his ordination and spent 39 years of the 58 years of his missionary life in that diocese.

Alois, fluent in Urdu and Punjabi, served in the Punjab in rural parishes which had lots of out-stations: initially as curate in Chak 36 SB (the names of the many villages are linked with the numbered canal systems) ; then in Sargodha (which had also urban ‘bastis’ (very poor areas where many of the municipal cleaners lived). He was subsequently appointed Parish Priest in Mariakhel, one of many villages that flourished through an irrigation scheme in the Thal Desert not far from the Indus River. He served there for four years before being appointed Parish Priest of Sargodha but later returned again to Mariakhel; then he was transferred to the East of the diocese near Lahore: to Gujrat, a rather isolated spot where he was not too happy since there were very few parishioners living near the mission station and the famous Rosary Hospital. He was soon transferred to Josephabad further West where he served for a short time before returning again to his beloved mission of Mariakhel and it was from there that he was asked in late 1997 to become Rector of St. Josefs Missionhaus Brixen where he brought his close personal style to this ministry with his characteristic humour which was appreciated by the community.

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