Mill Hill Formation, Jinja, Uganda: Outreach Magazine

Mill Hill Formation, Jinja, Uganda: Outreach Magazine

I am glad to present to you another volume of our annual Outreach magazine of the Mill Hill Formation House, Jinja. It has been a collective work of the editorial board and I really thank God and all the board members for the wonderful work done. This out­reach magazine has been prepared in line with the theme, which is our Mill Hill Motto, To Love and to Serve. I hope you will enjoy the reading of vari­ous articles from different contributors of this magazine trying to expound more about love and service. Love and ser­vice go hand in hand, the one without the other may not make sense. Today, we realize that most people in their dif­ferent capacities are longing for love more than anything else and every one of us needs to be loved. In realizing this, we see that these two concepts are worth to be talked about and expressed in our everyday encounters with the people in our families, communities, schools, apostolate areas, public places and the world at large.

For the Mill Hill Missionaries, love and service is expressed wherever they work in the world drawing inspiration from the thoughts of the founder. In the same line, it is an invitation to everyone, through this magazine, to practice love, to serve rather than seeking to be served, to recognize those who need our love and in our communities.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this magazine, our dear formation staff for the support and advice, and all of you, our dear es­teemed readers, friends, benefactors and well wishers. I wish you a nice reading and hope you will enjoy it! God bless you. Merry Christmas, enjoy your festive season and happy New Year 2019.

Wilson Karugaba  (Chief Editor)



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