Mill Hill Missionaries in Sarawak, Malaysia (6)

Mill Hill Missionaries in Sarawak, Malaysia (6)

A photographic exploration: Bintulu

Mill Hill Missionaries honoured.

On the 31st December 2015 a delegation of Mill Hill missionaries including Frs Terry Burke, John McAuley, Mathews Olili, Onesimus Kihokolho and myself arrived at St Anthony's parish Bintulu in response to an invitation from the diocesan clergy and the local Christian communities ( cell groups). This was going to be a grand occasion to celebrate the work of the Mill Hill missionaries in Bintulu and elsewhere ever since the first missionaries arrived in Borneo in 1881.

That same evening we were all invited to take part in a festive meal in a local hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel the invited guests were met by a welcoming committee who decorated each one with beautiful orchids. Inside there were 24 large tables seating ten guests each, parishioners, mostly members of small Christian communities (cell groups). There were speeches and the Mill Hill delegation was invited on to the stage to cut a huge cake celebrating 150 years of Mill Hill. All this was in gratitude of what the Mill Hill missionaries have been blessed to accomplish in Sarawak and Sabah ever since the arrival of the first missionaries!

On 1st January we joined the parish community for the Eucharist after which a newly refurbished hall was blessed and dedicated in the memory of Jan van der Laar mhm who served in Buintulu for many years. Outside a Pietà was blessed and dedicated to the memory of all Mill Hill missionaries who served in the region.

Fons Eppink mhm

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