Mill Hill Missionary Magazine Editors Meet.

Mill Hill Missionary Magazine Editors Meet.


Over the past week the editors of a variety of magazines published by the Mill Hill Missionaries including St Joseph’s Advocate (Ireland, Scotland) View, St. Josefs Missionsbote (Austria/Italy) View, and Mill Hill Contactblad (The Netherlands) got together at the current headquarters of the Mill Hill Missionaries at Maidenhead, UK.

Sr Janet Fearns with Frs Philip O'Halloran and Anton Steiner

Sr Janet Fearns fmdm of the Redemptorist Publications joined to help us critically evaluate content and layout of these publications, as well as giving valuable input drawn from her decades-long experience as an editor, writer and radio journalist.

General Council member and convenor of the workshop, Fr Jimmy Lindero mhm, introduced the participants to a novel experience: a video conference involving the editors of fledgling publications in India and The Philippines. Even though the experience was not flawless this first attempt opened up new and exciting possibilities for intercontinental consultation for the future.

Yours truly updated everyone on the workings and content of the Mill Hill Missionary website.

And General Superior. Michael Corcoran mhm, concluded the workshop with a vibrant endorsement of the pivotal role of print and social media in bringing the Christian message to the public arena.

A significant 'new look' makeover of this website is in the offing!

Fons Eppink mhm

fltr Jimmy Lindero, Anton Steiner, Bill Tollan, Jim O'Connell, Michael Corcoran (GS), Philip O'Halloran and Fons Eppink

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