Mill Hill Missionary Midlifers Meet in Rome
Damien Fuh, Jimmy Lindero, Emmanuel Mbeh

Mill Hill Missionary Midlifers Meet in Rome

MHM Mid-Life Seminar
Convent of the Benedictine Missionaries of Tutzing, Bevilacqua, Rome

Seventeen Millhillers are gathered at the Benedictine Convent in Bevilacqua, Rome for a two-week Mid-Life Seminar. The evening of 14th July 2018 was the official start.

In his opening address, the General Superior, Michael Corcoran, welcomed every participant to the seminar and set the tone of the gathering by exploring the meaning of mid-life, when does it begin and end, how do we know when we have entered mid-life, and in what way is it different from early adulthood. Drawing from his own personal experience, he gave examples of biological, psychological, emotional and intellectual changes happening in a person at this particular stage of life. He also shared with the participants the possible challenges that one may encounter at this stage of life particularly in areas of work, missionary commitment and level of relationship.

He invited everyone to be open to the whole process of the seminar, to encourage one another, to re-identify and follow our dream, to form greater friendship, and to be somehow transformed and be agents of transformation. The day ended with a Social where the participants tried to catch up with each other’s missionary journeys and experiences in a less formal setting.

Sr. Catherine Ryan, OSM is the facilitator of the seminar while Michael Corcoran, Liam Cummins and Jimmy Lindero are the members of the organizing team on behalf of the General Council.

The first day, 15th July, began with an opening Mass led by the General Superior. In his homily based on Mark 6:7-13 – Jesus sending out the Twelve and instructing them not to take anything on the journey – Michael reflected on a few key points: the first principle of any apostolate or mission is friendship with Jesus; our main concern as missionaries should not be material things but the values of the Gospel. Simplicity is a certain detachment from our own needs and a sensitive attachment to the needs of others. None of us became a  missionary by pursuing power, human glory or economic well-being, but to serve, to love, to share our faith and give ourselves to others. W go on mission, not only by crossing boundaries, but by being, by living and  giving witness to the Gospel.

Fr. Eamonn Mulcahy, CSSp led the first day of Recollection reflecting on the Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis The Joy of the Gospel’’. He highlighted many points in the Apostolic Exhortation. He challenged all the participants to continuously study and reflect on every paragraph of the exhortation as each paragraph is important and particularly relevant to our mandate as missionaries. In the afternoon he guided the participants to reflect on discipleship using the Gospel of Mark and part of Luke. Late in the evening, the group enjoyed watching together the World Cup 2018 Final between Croatia and France.

The next day, 16th July, Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, will be the 2nd Day of the recollections with Eamonn.

Jimmy Lindero mhm

Domingo Arnaiz, Gerry Hastie, Abner Dimo



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  1. I wish all the midlifers a happy and successful seminar. God bless you.

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