Mill Hill South Africa: an update on recent events
Stephen Giles, Michael Corcoran, Ephraim Odhiambo, John Melhuish, James Juma, John Doran, Sylvester Ponje Mbiydzenyuy, Anthony Ndang Ndichia

Mill Hill South Africa: an update on recent events

Frs Anthony Ndang Ndichia, Michael Corcoran

General Superior,  Fr Michael Corcoran mhm, visits South Africa

In August, Fr Michael Corcoran, Superior General of the MHM visited South Africa. He visited all the mission areas in the North/Central Regions of the Diocese of Kroonstad and the diocese of Rustenburg. All members gathered in Rustenburg to renew our spirit of commitment to mission. Post-Apartheid South Africa today experiences a variety of difficult political and economic conundrums. Fr Michael’s visit awakened in us a sense of mission showing our vital role in building the future of the Church of SA. His visit reinvigorated our sense of connectedness and support for the local Church.


Rev Lucky Mvula is ordained priest.

Recently Rev Lucky Mvula, once a MHM aspirant here in South Africa – although up to date Mill Hill Society does not recruit here in SA – was ordained a priest for the diocese of Kroonstad. He is the first fruits in a large mission area that has been served by the Mill Hill Missionaries for over 18 years. On his ordination Rev Fr Lucky had this to say as a message of thanksgiving “ In a special way, I would like to thank all the Mill Hill priests and my Parish Priest happens to be one of them: Fr Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm. Dear brothers, without any fear or favour, I would like to tell you that you gave me the face of the priesthood. You serve the North Region and the first time I met a priest it was a Mill Hill priest and that was Fr Ephraim Odhiambo. It is from you (your predecessors) that we have good friends who have moulded me to be who I am today”

Congratulations to Rev Fr Lucky Mvula!!

Bp Peter Holiday , John Doran, Nihil Kalagura, Malvin Nkebenya Ngi

MEP Students arrive in South Africa.

In August Mill Hill South Africa received with gratitude two students on Mission Experience (MEP),  Malvin Nkebenya Ngi and Nikhil Kalagura. They will have as their base the parish of Parys, diocese of Kroonstad. Both have started their immersion program into the Sesotho language and culture.

Mrs Janet Lambert retires.

The longest serving secretary of the diocese of Kroonstad goes on retirement after 23 fruitful years of service to the diocese. The diocese is grateful for her hard work, commitment and for building up an efficient administrative system for the diocese. During her years of service Mrs Lambert did all the paper work for visa and work permits for all Mill Hill Missionaries entering South Africa. We wish her all the best in the near future.

On behalf of the communications desk, South Africa, we wish everyone a happy Christmas and blessed New Year 2018.

Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm







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