Mill Hill South Africa

Mill Hill South Africa

Visit of Fr Andrew Mukulu, General Councillor

Recently Fr Andrew Mukulu mhm, Councillor for Africa, returned to a familiar territory where he once served as a missionary some years ago. He visited many mission areas: Kroonstad, Vijeonsroon, Parys, Kopies, Vredefort, Heilbron, and Sasolburg. He met with people and celebrated Mass with them. People were surprised as he had a very good memory of Sesotho, the local language.

Fr Andrew was impressed to see the visible changes and growth of mission activities, faith and development of the people. Compared to his time some 15 years ago, he noted few changes in infrastructure, roads, businesses and the rising unemployment in the struggling economy of South Africa.

After visiting different mission areas and meeting with members, the Mill Hill missionaries all gathered in Sasolburg for a meeting. It was a fruitful meeting as areas of special interest amongst other things were discussed including leadership procedures, protocol, medical, projects and self-sustainability.

Mill Hill Missionaries in South Africa continue to be involved in pastoral activities such as peace building and reconciliation, town-township apostolate, lay formation, administration in the diocese, education, justice and peace, prison ministry, vocation promotions, inter-racial ministry, conflict resolution, family ministry, counselling, pastoral care for the sick, orphans and the elderly, and youth development.

Fr Andrew was happy and thanked members for their dedication, hard work and service. It was an opportunity to wish Fr Emmanuel Omollo mhm farewell as he goes for a sabbatical.

Coffee never knew it will taste nice and sweet, before it met sugar and milk. We are good as individuals but become better when we blend with the right people.

Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm

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