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Missio UK: Mission Today Magazine

The New Year always offers opportunities for change, which is why many of us will have made resolutions we think will make a difference to our lives. Often our best intentions are slowly worn down, frustrated by events beyond our control, not least of them our own limitations and weaknesses! Nevertheless change, one way or another, will come in 2018.

We clearly face many global challenges in this New Year which call us as missionary disciples to work towards a world where people and creation are respected and loved. This will require enormous changes in the way we all view and deal with one another: to see, to hear and to think as Christ does.

South Sudan continues to hope for political stability, with an end to ethnic conflict. The Church continues to play a vital role, as an agent of change, by bringing people together and holding their leaders to account. Our World Mission Sunday campaign raised awareness of the challenges facing the people of South Sudan and offered an opportunity to stand with them in their suffering. Read more about the impact of your support on page 6.

During my recent Missio trip to the Holy Land, I experienced first-hand the plight of Christians caught in the middle of a deeply entrenched conflict between Israel and Palestine. In Amman, I visited a project for Iraqi Christian refugees, driven from their homes by evil men in the name of religion. In Gaza, I was impressed and inspired by the faith of those few hundred Christians who choose to give witness to the love of Christ by their presence. May 2018 bring real peaceful change in the land we name ‘holy’.

At Missio, we look back on 2017 with deep gratitude for the generosity of you, our benefactors and supporters.

Through the APF-Mill Hill partnership, the SPA and Mission Together, we have been able to help many people in great need throughout the world. People’s lives have been changed by your solidarity with them, and Jesus Christ is proclaimed in our love and care for those most in need.

Even if our own personal intentions to change do not always work out, we know that God’s intentions for us will.

Fr Anthony Chantry, National Director


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