Mission Sunday Reflection

Mission Sunday Reflection

What do you see in these pictures?

We easily notice sobriety and fanciful adornments – earrings, make-ups, hairstyles, hair-cuts, golden chains, rings, necklaces, colourful dresses or the latest fashion torn jean-trousers now called “destroy”, scratched open to attract attention!

Some of us conversely or culturally feel offended or disgusted with religious symbols or ‘talismans’ – the crosses, rosaries or medals around the neck or fingers. Our silent grudges and judgements can be heard loudly – why is he/she wearing that. That looks (anything from) horrible to clerical; and we work hard not to take offense.

If virtue is in the middle and sensitivity is the rare gift, it’s precisely what I see in these pictures.

On these beautiful captivating pictures of MISSION SUNDAY 2018 and MISSIO CALENDAR 2019, I see the ornaments, the notorious adornments of the beautifying girls of Ethiopia that got Missio’s attention, as the same sensitivity to their predicaments.

I see in the pictures the same crucifix or Marian Medal I sometimes wear. Like the girls in question or those who do make-ups or wear expensive jewelry, one feels either naked or insecure without them. I often feel very vulnerable without my crucifix or Marian medal. It’s a childish childlikeness that speaks volumes to the bearer about the role of Christianity in our lives – From the “putting on of Christ” as Saint Paul articulated to the replacements of old sacrifices and gods as the letter to the Hebrews describes.

May nobody created in the image and likeness of God, no Christian jewelry or ornaments, no human predicament or outfit ever appall us as missionaries, Christians and God’s creation in our unique and diverse backgrounds, colours, race and attitudes.

Long live MISSIO for such unadulterated, unprejudiced, unassuming, unprecedented and Unconditional outview.

HAPPY MISSION SUNDAY – Mission to the West, Mission to the East, Mission to the North, Mission to the South – CHRIST’S MISSION OF JOY, HOPE AND LOVE!!!

Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm

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