Mission to Cambodia

Mission to Cambodia

Recommendation of Asia Mill Hill Cluster meeting

Recommendation to the General Council from the MHM Asia Cluster Meeting Iloilo 2016

For many years now, several Chapters have said that Asia should be given particular attention as a place of mission, and so we, the members of the MHM Asia Cluster meeting, note with approval that Cambodia has been suggested in the Chapter documents as a possible place for mission. We therefore request the Council to look seriously at the report filed by the Former Councillor for Asia, Fr. Brendan Mulhall, namely that Cambodia should be considered as a possible MHM missionary Asian outreach.

There are several reasons as to why we would endorse this proposal:

The Mill Hill Chapters have affirmed again and again that we, as a Society, are dedicated to reaching out to those most injured and needy. Cambodia is a country that is still trying to recover from the rape and brutalisation, by the Khmer Rouge Regime, which traumatised the people and left them broken and in such tremendous need of help. Their need of the healing power of love and service – the motto and charism of our Society – is the “cry of the poor” about which we have spoken so eloquently. Now, in this suggestion, we have the means to give substance to the concern for the poor spoken of in our Chapter meetings.

We recognise that while we may desire to put ourselves at the service of the people of Asia, many countries appear to be barred to us due to immigration restrictions. The report by Brendan suggests that this is not the case in Cambodia and that we would be able to work there.

The needs of Cambodia, where the educated classes were annihilated, suggests that the Gospel we should bring, is the Gospel of life – education, health care, and many other such needs – and that our main aim in such a mission should be that the people should “have life and have it to the full”. We concur that this should be the thrust of our mission and, as such, is in line with our missionary efforts in many other areas.

We, therefore, unanimously urge the Council to take the report of Brendan further and look into the practicalities of such a missionary venture in Cambodia. Such a new outreach would not only assist the people of Cambodia, but would inspire and invigorate our present membership when they see that our Motto of amare et servire is as alive and well today as it was in the time of our Founder.

(Mill Hill Asia Cluster)

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