Missionary Ministry in South Africa

Missionary Ministry in South Africa

Celebrating St Joseph in Sasolburg, South Africa

Mill Hill Missionaries celebrate the feast of St Joseph in South Africa

On the 20th March 2017, the Mill Hill Missionaries in the dioceses of Kroonstad and Rustenburg gathered in Sasolburg to celebrate the feast of St Joseph. In attendance was Rt. Rev Peter Holiday, Bishop of the diocese of Kroonstad. The celebration started with Holy Mass presided over by Fr Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm.

In his beautiful homily, Fr Sylvester Ponje mhm invited members to imitate the example of St Joseph:

“May the feast of St Joseph enable us to see that we learn from those who differ from us, guide us to realise that we reach the truth through arguments between friends, guide us to avoid the resistance motivated by the ego of taking refuge in traditions and past glory”

l-r John Melhuis, Stephen Giles, Ephraim Odhiambo, Bp Peter Holiday, Anthony Ndichia Sylvester Mbiydzenyuy,
John Doran, Gabriel Barasa

Fr Sylvester invited those present to continue to build a church that is not afraid to roll up its sleeves and heal the wounds of the community;

“Let us strive to build a community where the people of God are at the height of the pyramid and we at the lower bottom of it. Let us bring home to our communities a spirit of genuine truth and not swayed by our own interest for self-recognition, but rather be aware of our imperfection and the need to listen and grow like St Joseph”

At the end of Mass, the Bishop of the diocese of Kroonstad, thanked the Mill Hill Missionaries for their generous service in the diocese;

“On this your patronal feast day it is good to reflect on your missionary ministry to love and to serve with enthusiasm; an enthusiasm of passion to evangelise and to proclaim the gospel of God’s saving love. As missionaries you come into the diocese of Kroonstad not with silver and gold but with something much more, the treasure of the Word of God; the Word of God that is ever new and speaks to the signs and times of today”.

l-r Bishop Peter Holiday, ASnthony Ndichia, Sylvester Mbiydzenyuy

The bishop reminded the MHMs that South Africa in these challenging times of today needs God and the St Joseph’s Mill Hill Missionaries as messengers of the Good News, a message of hope for families and communities.

The celebrations ended with refreshments at the Stone Heaven, Vaal River.

Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm works in the diocese of Kroonstad, SA

Ephraim Odhiambo, John Melhuish, Stephen Giles

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