More Colourful Together

More Colourful Together


There are many good things about children but one thing stands out above all the rest and that  is that they make life more colorful. Our parish compound these last four days has been full of colour and joy brought to us by young people. This year in particular, the gathering of children from different villages was a life-giving experience and hope-filled encounter.

The Children’s Program is an annual event in Tando Allahyar parish in which children from different villages are gathered together. The get-together is intended to strengthen their faith experience, to improve their health condition through lessons on hygiene, to develop their skills in art work through different activities and, of course, to have fun. The program also gives the children the opportunity to encounter and strengthen the faith and friendship of one another since they live in an environment where they are small minority.

The gathering gives them as well the chance just to get away from their daily routine in the village. This year almost two hundred children attended the gathering.

The final Mass concluding the Children’s Program was presided over by Fr. Brendan Mulhall mhm. In his homily he highlighted the presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of each and everyone. He also commissioned the children to be missionaries when they go back to their own villages sharing whatever they had learned on different topics during these past few days.

These last four days have just been an extraordinary source of joy to all of us, both participants and organizers. Equally this annual gathering is a source of hope and joy for us in our tribal ministry. Every year we are motivated to make it more memorable because for many children, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance; they come for the first and last time. It was such an encouraging experience for me to see happy and enthusiastic young people willing to face the challenges of life that lie ahead of them.

Edson Paguntalan mhm

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