Murree, Pakistan. Presentation Sisters Celebrate 100 years of Compassionate Service.
Offertory Group, Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan. Presentation Sisters Celebrate 100 years of Compassionate Service.

The Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary recently celebrated 100 years of service in Murree, Pakistan. The first group of Presentation Sisters undertook a fresh venture in Rawalpindi, in present-day in Pakistan, in 1895. . Inspired by their Foundress Nano Nagle, they involded themselves in various apostolates with a special commitment to providing quality education. Within a few years after their arrival, they expanded, rapidly establishing schools in different places. In 1917, the Sisters were inspired to open a new community in Murree which is in a station in the foothills of the Himalayas to serve the children locally and in neighboring towns. Sr. Mary de Lourdes Cillick and Mother Josephine O’Shea were among the first sisters who  came to Murree in 1917.

A Mass of thanksgiving was held on July 20 attended by the PBVM Family joined by clergy, religious ssters and brothers, friends and benefactors. Fr. Jacob Joseph Dogra, Vicar General  of Rawalpindi Diocese, was the main celebrant at the Mass joined by several priests. Presentation Sisters and Mill Hill Missionaries have a long history of cooperation in Pakistan. Their collaboration in various ministries to this day has been proven effective in spreading the Joy of the Gospel. Fr. Leonard Steger MHM who has been working side by side with the Sisters for more than fifty years was present to represent the Mill Hill Missionaries in Pakistan. In his speech, Fr. Steger noted the tireless efforts of the Presentation Sisters following the mission of Nano Nagle. Fr. Len also recalled his personal experience and thanked the sisters for their support  when he came to Murree on his first missionary appointment. On behalf of the Millhill Missionaries working in Pakistan, Fr. Steger then thanked the sisters for their continuing support, and wished them joy in their mission.

Today, the Presentation Sisters are present and active in three provinces in Pakistan with twelve communities in total – an impressive expansion!

We wish the Presentation Sisters every joy as they continue to serve as witnesses of love.

Edson Paguntalan mhm

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