My call to Religious Life

My call to Religious Life


“I had less than 24 hours to write about my call to Religious Life with ONE minute only to say all I had to say – thus the poem in 60 seconds!”

Sr Isabel Kelly fmsj



Before I became a Sister

I always stayed at home

It was never in my nature

To go out or roam alone.


One of my Aunties had a thought

That really put me in a spot

She saw an advert to recruit some Wrens

I trusted my Auntie so had no defence.


I sent in my application

To be a Jenny Wren

They called me for an interview

And it all went fast from then.


I went home on leave 3 times a year

But could never leave my family without a tear.

Four years of parting was really tough

But God decided that was enough.


He called me very suddenly in my final year

The stirrings I had inside me

Filled me with utmost fear.

But I couldn’t resist that voice of God

As He said, “My child, come here.”


That was sixty years ago

Having travelled the world

Learning different languages

As my religious life unfurled.


Borneo first, then Kenya

With the Philippines and Tanzania thrown in

Followed by Bolivia and Ecuador

With Cincinatti and New York fitted in.


Here I am in Blackburn

Travelling around the UK

God has kept me on the move

As He thinks it’s best that way.


I have never regretted it

Our God knows best

We answer His call

And He does the rest.


Written by Sister Isabel C. Kelly, FMSJ

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