National Novena to St Joseph

National Novena to St Joseph

10 – 18 March 2017

Warmest greetings from Fr Liam …..

Thank you for your faithfulness and generous support of St Joseph’s Novena 2016.

It was encouraging to receive your letters which are often very inspiring. Many of you write about the very difficult circumstances in your life – unemployment, illness,
bereavement, lack of faith in family members, and that you find hope and solace through St Joseph’s Novena.

Some of you write about the wonderful things that the intercession of St Joseph has done in your life!
We thank you for promoting the Novena to St Joseph – keep up that spirit, especially in your parishes, prayer groups and personally or within the family. Regardless of where you are in the country, know that we are all united in prayer and solidarity as we pray and celebrate the Novena.

Your financial support is so very important to our work and ministry. Much of it goes in helping in thepreparation of young men from around the world tobecome Mill Hill Missionaries and witnesses of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many of these men will work in places where the Good News has not yet been proclaimed.

The Mill Hill Missionaries extend a heartfelt thanks to you all for making this dream become a reality. This year alone eight young men will be ordained to the Priesthood as Mill Hill Missionaries.

At the same time we have many catechists that are being trained in proclaiming the Word of God to people who are hearing it for the first time.

The front cover of the this newsletter looks a strange one, but it is a beautiful intimate scene of St Joseph and Our Lady giving the boy Jesus a birthday gift; a toy horse and cart carved by St Joseph. It is a simple scene that reveals the intimacy and care that true, authentic love brings.

Indeed, true love brings out the best in a person.

The world in which we live is a very uncertain one. It seems to lunge from one crisis to another. The uncertainty can cause great fear and anxiety. In the midst of this uncertain and changing world we need something solid to rely on.

For a Christian, that can mean only one thing: faith in God. And that faith in God means spending time in prayer and sharing our time and giftedness with each other. So during this Novena, let each one of us do something wonderful for another through a prayer, a gift, a visit, empowering and encouraging others….

We are, and can continue to be, authentic gifts to eachother.

May you be blessed and let this Novena of 2017 be a wonderful experience in your life.

Fr Liam Cummins MHM

Novena Director

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