Never a Dull Moment in Herbert House, Liverpool

Never a Dull Moment in Herbert House, Liverpool

I am forever saying to the residents here in Herbert House, “Always expect the unexpected.” Well, the afternoon of August 2nd proved me right, again.

Around three thirty in the afternoon our doorbell rang. I was in my office close to the door, so I went to answer it. At the door were five lovely young girl scouts, in full uniform, with the biggest back-packs I have ever seen!

The leader of the “Troop”, Jenny, introduced herself and the group as a group of Christian Scouts from Stuttgart in Germany. They were on an walking tour of the our area of Liverpool, and needed a place to stay the night. Jenny even went as far to suggest that they use one of our garages for shelter and sleeping.

Ruth Purcell (2nd from right) with German guests

Since it was close to tea-time in Herbert House, I invited the five girl-scouts in to join us while I considered how to help them. Over tea they met many of the residents of Herbert House and shared their stories, and listen respectfully as some of our chaps shared their stories of mission and travel around the world.

By the time tea was finished I had come up with a plan. Since Ruth Purcell is retired here with us, I would ask her to chaperone the girls for the night, and I would give them a couple of en-suite rooms where they could bed down for the night, have a shower and enjoy our hospitality. It all worked out perfectly well, and the girls had a rare night of comfort and luxury.

In the morning, before they left to continue their walking tour towards the city centre of Liverpool, the girls shared a hymn in English which they had practiced since they arose early, “Jesus, my Captain.” (I have attached a video recording of the girls singing the hymn.)

Truly, we all felt blessed for the opportunity to offer hospitality, and to receive the sincere gratitude of these intrepid girl-scouts from Stuttgart, Germany. Yes, there is never a dull moment in Herbert House, Liverpool!

Paul F. Mooney MHM

(Rector, Herbert House.)


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