The Mill Hill Missionaries wish all visitors to this website a Happy New Year!!


To this I would like to add, on a personal note, the following:

The most original and thought provoking New Year's wish I have come across so far comes from a Belgian journalist who wishes the CEO of Nike company, in view a revelations in the Paradise Papers, a troubled conscience in the New Year.

One prominent theme in the Infancy Narratives and in the Christmas story is the experience of insecurity, refuge - Mary and Joseph are not welcome at the inn; they are forced to flee to Egypt.

A poem written by a contemporary refugee, a minor,  reflects this experience:

But I am not a refugee
For I did not flee
I was blown away like the leaf of a tree
In our country
A terrible storm is raging
A storm full of fire and rape
And one day
A day I do not dare to recall
I was blown away
Who would abandon
His home
His village or city
His own country
His own family
Without saying goodbye?
And then
Arrive somewhere
Where you are not welcome
Everybody knows that
History has proven that
So many times over
Why then flee
Why a slow death
In a foreign country
If you can also die
On the doorstep of your own house
Refugees do not exist
There are only people blown
All over the world by the wind.

May each one of us recognise the face of Christ in the persons we meet this coming year.

Fons Eppink mhm






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