News from the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph

News from the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph

In her Advent reflections Congregational Leader, Sr Maureen Murphy,  writes:

Sr Maureen Murphy fmsj

“During Advent as we prepare to welcome Christ at Christmas most of us probably try to give some extra time to prayer and we are told “ Prayer has the power to awaken hope in men and women, even in the face of death and destruction. Prayers brings you to hope and when things become dark, with more prayer, there will be more hope” (Pope Francis 18/1/17)
There are role models to encourage us because as we read in Romans Paul describes Abraham “In hope he believed against hope that he should become the Father of many nations” Hope is what Mary,Mother of God, sheltered in her heart during the darkest time of her life from Good Friday afternoon to Easter Sunday morning.

By the time you read this I will be in Kenya. Sisters Emily and Beverlyne will have made their First Profession and Sister Christabel her Perpetual Profession. Sister Margaret Nyabongoye will have celebrated her Silver Jubilee. These Sisters are the concrete signs which God gives us of hope for our future. Let us thank him for them and keep the Sisters in our prayers”.

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Sr Margaret Nyabongoye fmsj


Sr Margaret Nyabongoye celebrates her silver jubilee.  Read this and more FMSJ news here

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