Nkokonjeru, Uganda: Legendary Mother Kevin to be Canonised

Nkokonjeru, Uganda: Legendary Mother Kevin to be Canonised

On 17 November, the final work on closing the diocesan phase of the investigations into the life of heroic virtues and intercessory powers of Mother Kevin was completed at Lugazi Cathedral in Uganda and submitted to the Vatican. Commenting on it, Sr Miriam Duggan FMSA said: “All we can do now is pray and wait.”

One of Mother Kevin’s greatest concerns was for the advancement of women. She wanted to create a wider and better world for them, and to help them overcome what oppressed them. She believed that women’s education was central to their advancement. She promoted the education of girls through primary and secondary schools, and then through establishing teacher training colleges, so that young African women could be teachers to their own people. Her contribution to women’s education in Uganda is legendary. It says much for the success of her efforts that she lived to see one of her pupils receive the first Bachelor of Science degree in East Africa, and another became the first woman doctor.


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