Oosterbeek, The Netherlands: A Luminous Moment in our Jubilee Season

Oosterbeek, The Netherlands: A Luminous Moment in our Jubilee Season

On Sunday 8th July the Mill Hill Missionary community at ‘Missiehuis Vrijland’ celebrated this year’s five Jubilarians: Brother Huub de Bij (60) and Fathers Huub Stockmann (60), Cas Rietbergen (60), Ferd Vergeer (60) and Hans Burgman (65).

After spending many years of loving service on the missions we now live in retirement in this little corner of paradise’ – Ferd Vergeer mhm in his introduction to the celebratory Eucharist.



In his homily Jubilarian Hans Burgman mhm spoke moveningly of ‘The Prophet Jesus as innovator of the Law’.

“Central to Jesus’ ministry as a prophet was the logic and wisdom of love as opposed to the violence and unapproachable distance of the God of the Temple service.

Love and violence have a strange logic and do strange things to power. Violence magnifies power and words, love diminishes power and words. In the image of the child.

The more you love, the more you become quiet!

God trained Jesus with teasing love by pointing him towards the weak areas of the Law: the unclean, the women, the servants of the Temple.

We too are Gospel messengers like Jesus. Our prophetic basis has to be: to be with the ordinary people, ‘our feet in the mud’, with a keen eye for the weak areas in our church and culture.

There is still a lot of prophetic work to be done: also for men who become like little children”.


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