Philippines: Another Priest Shot Dead
Photo from Fr Nilo's Facebook page

Philippines: Another Priest Shot Dead

I am so sorry for having our newsletter readers to read another news of killing of a Catholic priest in the Philippines. Let us ask our readers to pray for the Philippines wherein many outrageous evil act is becoming an order of the day. 

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Another name was added to a growing Philippine Church casualty list on June 10 when a priest was shot dead as he was about to celebrate Mass in the northern province of Nueva Ecija.

Father Richmond Villaflor Nilo of Cabanatuan Diocese was gunned down inside the Nuestra Senora dela Nieve chapel in Zaragoza town.

Police said the priest was shot while he was putting on his alb to start the Mass. At least three shots were fired through the chapel’s window.

Father Nilo became the fourth Catholic priest to be shot in the Philippines in the last six months and the second within a week.

Source: UCANews

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