Pope’s Prayer Intention for February: End to Human Trafficking

Pope’s Prayer Intention for February: End to Human Trafficking

Pope Francis asks this month, that we pray with him, “that all may welcome the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution and of violence.”

Our prayer, especially our daily Morning Offering, places us on a pathway, with Jesus, that mobilises us and increases our apostolic readiness according to our individual circumstances. The Morning Offering, that has been at the heart of this ministry since its very beginning, has been described as “a great way to start our day before we get too busy, too distracted – to offer every waking moment to the Lord,” in the words of Fr William Blazek SJ, the regional head of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network-Apostleship of Prayer for Canada and the USA.

We can, by praying in this way, make ourselves more available for this essential part of the church’s mission, which is to humanise the world; or, in other words, to resist dehumanisation. The Latin American theologian Jon Sobrino has written that a core message of Christianity is that “it is possible to be human” – ours is a deeply humanist faith! All of us (and the Church is all of us) need to recognise dehumanisation, when persons, individuals who are in reality just like us are robbed of their humanity.

Source: ICN

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