Pope Video: Modern-Day Slavery

Pope Video: Modern-Day Slavery

To be indifferent to or ignore human trafficking and modern-day slavery would be to become an accomplice to those crimes, Pope Francis said. “Although we try to ignore it, slavery is not something from other times,” he said in a video explaining his prayer intention for the month of February. “We cannot ignore the fact that there is as much slavery in the world today as there was before, or perhaps more,” he said in the one-minute video, published online at www.thepopevideo.org Feb. 7. “Faced with this tragic reality, no one can wash their hands of it without being, in some way, an accomplice to this crime against humanity,” he said, calling for prayers and action by welcoming those who are victims of human trafficking, forced prostitution and violence. The video was presented at a Vatican news conference underlining the importance of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking. The day of prayer, encouraged by Pope Francis, is celebrated every Feb. 8, the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita.

Source: UCANews

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