Praying with Art: Sign of the Cross

Praying with Art: Sign of the Cross

Luc Hoenraet (Born in Aalst, Belgium in 1941) creates images of another reality with earthly materials: mud, dust, asphalt, sand through the paint (matter painting). His scratches and stripes are often recognizable geometric figures: square, triangle, rectangle … The cross as a primordial symbol is a main theme. Dark colored horizontal and vertical bars against light background. Horizontality refers to the horizon, the world we know. Verticality suggests the connection between heaven and earth. Luc Hoenraet seeks to show the unspeakable behind the sensory reality.

The cross also refers to the order in the chaos, to balance in humans, life, the cosmos. This primal form speaks of four cardinal points, four seasons, four moon phases. The sign of the cross of Luc Hoenraet also refers to Christ himself, absent, present in signs and the gestures of his passion.

(Chantal Leterme)

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