Pune, India: Young Indian Christians’ View of the Church

Pune, India: Young Indian Christians’ View of the Church

Most young Christians in India are proud of their church despite scandals involving sex and money, says a study conducted by a major seminary in the western city of Pune.

However, almost half of respondents from southern India, which often reports such scandals, said they were “embarrassed” by the church.

Only one in three Indian Christian youths has a high sense of purpose and education does not necessarily help young people find the meaning of life, revealed the survey conducted among 5,300 young people from 26 states speaking 11 different languages.

More than one third of the young Christians have a low sense of purpose in life, while another one third have an average sense of purpose, it said.

Philosophy students at Jesuit-run Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth seminary conducted the study under the supervision of two researchers, Jesuit Father Dinesh Braganza and Holy Cross Father Shiju Joseph from its department of social sciences.

Source: UCANews

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