Safeguarding Newsletter

Safeguarding Newsletter

Irish Region

This is first newsletter of our Child Safeguarding Office in the Irish Region. Its publication helps to acknowledge the tremendous work that has been put into making the safeguarding of children paramount by all members in the Irish Region. The Region and its members can be commended for all their efforts from the development and implementation of policies to promoting good practices in all their ministries. The work of Child Safeguarding continues in new ways to adapt the roots set down in ‘developing a more effective and accountable safeguarding environment’ where core principles evolved into seven standards in 2008. These Standards responded to the situation at that time and as Child Safeguarding moves forward these standards were revised in 2016 to facilitate our quest to maintain good practice.

At the same time it is not just about charting issues and dealing with cases but through the ongoing education and vigilance a more proactive response can be given. It sees to ensure in the day to day activities that our members and staff have taken it on board and know what to do, who to contact, and how to respond if and when a situation may occur.

The days of burying the head in the sand are over and the pedestals have been shaken and knocked as we live in a more aware and responsive society. Today, those who are caught in “time bound bubbles and retrospection” have to grow and recognize that each one has to take a self-responsibility to keep that awareness alive and active: if only for recognising the paramount importance of safeguarding children.

This Newsletter is another tool to keep our ongoing awareness active, perhaps an “afflicting the comfortable” for those who hanker for uncritical admiration but we have to embody or witness to living out ‘best practices’ in all aspects of safeguarding children. This newsletter is a tool to inform us, assist us in reflecting and update us on changes in Child Safeguarding work here in the Irish Region of St. Joseph’s Missionary Society.

Philip O’Halloran mhm, Regional Superior.

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