Saint Joseph’s Advocate Scotland

Saint Joseph’s Advocate Scotland

This is the Autumn 2018 issue of Saint Joseph’s Advocate Scotland.

In his Apostolic Exhortation ‘The Joy of the Gospel’ Pope Francis writes of mission as the very reason for our life on earth. Especially when we are young we experience two movements in our hearts: ‘to be attracted’, and ‘to be sent’. These are the movements of love that hold out promise for the future, and give direction to our lives. “The Church can share with you young people the way and truth which give meaning to our life on this earth.” In Jesus we find the treasure that fills life with joy.

In this edition of the Advocate we can read of our young African MHM’s as they follow in the missionary footsteps of their European and American elders. We read also of the teenage boys numbered among the heroic Uganda Martyrs. The young can find inspiration in the lives of people like Matthias Efiem, catechist in Cameroon, and Herbert Vaughan, ‘the shy communicator.’ (from Editorial)



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