South Africa: Celebrating the gift of Academic excellence
Bishop Kevin Dowling, James Juma, Andrew Mukulu, Ephraim Odhiambo

South Africa: Celebrating the gift of Academic excellence

Normally, the month of May is the month of university graduations across the Country. This year we celebrated the academic excellence of Fr James Juma mhm who obtained a Ph D in Psychology at North West University, South Africa.

Fr Juma, James Onyango is one of the first two African members of the Mill Hill Missionaries Society. He was ordained a priest after Theological studies at the Missionary Institute London (MIL) in 1996 and then worked in Cameroon, Kenya, and is now the Vicar General of the Diocese of Rustenburg. Prior to his Ph.D. degree, he contributed articles to both HTS Theological Studies and The Way (An International Journal of Contemporary Christian Spirituality published quarterly by the British Jesuits. He is also a registered counsellor at the HPCSA.

In his thesis, A Jungian Perspective on the impact of African worldviews on Roman Catholic Church Priests’ life and work, he focused on the impact of African worldviews on the life and work of African Roman Catholic Priests from a Jungian perspective. This qualitative study involved students studying for the priesthood and priests in active ministry from seven African countries. The findings indicate various factors that might inform the curriculum of RCC seminaries training African priests. Findings also suggest the need for the RCC to support and guide African priests and seminarians on a path of growth and individuation. An accepting, open culture would enable frank discussions about the difficulties African clergy experience in merging their worldviews and values with the more Western-oriented worldview of the RCC. One article of the three comprising the PhD has been published in the HTS, an international journal. (Promotor Dr EK Van der Merwe and Co-Promoter Dr DH du Toit).

Congratulations to Rev Fr Dr James Juma. We wish you well in your ministry especially with the on-going formation of clergy and religious in the South African Catholic Bishops Conference area.


Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm

SA MHM Correspondent

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