South Africa: Police Sunday Celebrations

South Africa: Police Sunday Celebrations


Every year, the Catholic Church in the SACBC celebrate the Police Day on the 29th January
on the theme “unite in prayer against crime and corruption in South Africa”.

Crime and corruption in South Africa have become a threat to society. The rate of homicide, rape, domestic violence, kidnaping, robbery, hijacking, child molestation has been on the increase.

The Church is more involved and takes a proactive approach in the fight against crime. This year, the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in France, Sasolburg, a typical black township parish, organised police day celebrations in the parish by inviting the South African Police Service (SAPS). The France Township is named after the famous and successful “World cup of France 98” and is often marred by high crime rate, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse and sometimes tensions between the community and SAPS.

The local police officers at the end of Mass addressed the congregation on efforts to tackle crime in the society. SAPS raised awareness on the causes and effects of crime in society, child protection policies, domestic violence, and the rapid increase in drug abuse. It was an opportunity to create a better relationship and collaboration between the church and the police in fighting crime.

The SAPS vision 2030 is to see a mother and daughter walking at night freely and happily without fear of being attacked.

As a parish, we continue to affirm the work many police officers are doing, putting their lives at risk to keep the streets safe. May we continue to work towards the building of a just and peaceful South Africa.

Anthony Ndang Ndichia is a Mill Hill Missionary working in the Diocese of Kroonstad, South Africa.

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