St Anselm's Move to Rome

St Anselm's Move to Rome


On May 29th the Institute of St Anselm's in Margate will celebrate its closing Mass.

The Institute is set to move to Rome.

"It is with mixed feelings that we announce our move to Rome.

St Anselm’s started in 1985 in Damascus House, Mill Hill, moving the following year to Cliftonville where for 31 years now we have enjoyed a very positive experience: an excellent location by the sea and a welcoming community where we have felt very much at home. Just under 5000 participants have received Diplomas and Certificates from the Institute of St Anselm over its 32 years, and participants have come from around 90 different countries, all contributing to the richness of life at St Anselm’s.

However, we have now had to face a reality which has become painfully evident over the last few years, viz the ever greater difficulty we have experienced in securing visas for our participants. The Institute has worked hard and dedicated much time and effort to ensure that we meet all the requirements of the Home Office. We have had many inspections by the Home Office and agencies working on their behalf, and they have never found any reason to fault us: we have always been open and honest, and have always received excellent reports".

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