St Anselm's Testimonies

St Anselm's Testimonies


Past alumni reflect on their experiences:

"Mid-Life Transition" My Experience.

Coming to St. Anselm, at my age of 45, an age period where one would usually I experience "Mid-Life Crisis", I was very keen to unveil the psychospiritual analysis of the stage and its I corresponding challenges or changes,

Fr Emmanuel Omollo mhm

Gradually, the lectures on the topic clearly made it very vivid for me that it is not a "Crisis" at a!l, as usually perceived, but a "Process of Conversion" as beautifully termed by Fr. Len as "the flowering of the unique human personality in Christ".

Personally, the process meant coming to an awareness and owning the reality that jeach of us is highly unique and different in terms of our Personalities, talents and capabilities. It also involves recalling the past as objectively as possible, not denying it or blaming others. It further challenged me not to dwell on past j hurtful emotions but to forgive oneself and to have compassionate empathy towards those who have hurt us. Thus, one needs to love and own his own beauty. Try to aim higher and to do better in every single activity. Set his own realistic goals, not necessarily comparing with others. Take a journey to grow in assertiveness and to dismantle destructive self-critic as a process towards wholeness and genuine happiness in life.

Fr. Emmanuel Omollo MHM,

Coming to St. Anselm was like a journey of a thousand miles that I began with a single step. Making that step for my psychospiritual journey, I got a revelation of myself through the window of emotions and feelings. Processing my emotions has brought a deeper self- awareness and freedom / liberation. This self- awareness has increased my ability to refate with others in a healthier way. The skiils I have learnt here are like food for my journey, a gateway to happy living facing life's challenges with openness.

Sr. Concilia Chimhere FDM

"I came to St. Anselm full of tears, but now I am going back full of joy".
It is a place where I have been resorted and redirected to my God. Feeling like a stone rejected when I came but I have found rest for my soul. Really I have cause for celebration.

Fr John Mary I Ahimbisibwe SMM

In the formation of priests, we talk about the four pillars of formation: intellectual, spiritual, pastoral and human development. I found them all in St.Anselm's and it has helped me to grow. In our ministry we are there to help other people, but we can only do that if we first know who we are…

Herman Schaepman
Dioces of 'sHertogenbsoch, Netherlands

Drum improvisation at Mass of Thanksgiving

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