St. Joseph’s Advocate Ireland

St. Joseph’s Advocate Ireland

It is just over a year since we moved from Kilkenny to Dublin. The move was difficult both emotionally and physically for those of us involved. We had to bid farewell to our dedicated staff who had been with us for many years and to all the great people around Kilkenny who have been so much part of our lives and ministry there.

To move oneself is one thing, but to transfer the office was another matter. Added to that was the clearing out and preparation of the house in Kilkenny for sale. So we are now set up here in our Mill Hill St. Joseph’s House in Dublin and, after some initial problems with computers, the office is functioning well. We are blessed with our three new office staff who work part-time. They were thrown in at the deep end last October and everything was new to them. The busy time in the office is from October 1st until March 31st. During that time, we have the Masses for the holy souls in November and the Christmas Triduum of Masses in December, and the Novena to St. Joseph in March.

We are very happy that you, our supporters, have stayed with us and managed to cope admirably with the transfer from Kilkenny to Dublin. The letters that poured into Kilkenny are now coming into our office here in Dublin with requests for prayers and Masses and with generous donations for our missions.

We now have over 100 Mill Hill Missionary priests from Africa and Asia and around 200 students preparing for the priesthood. Some of our priests work in difficult and challenging areas: Northern Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya Coast, Northern India, D.R. Congo, Cameroon, Pakistan, the Philippines and Malaysia. With God’s grace and your spiritual and financial support, Christ’s mission goes on with this new generation of Mill Hill Missionaries.

Fr. Jim O’Connell mhm, editor


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