Fons Eppink

Except for occasional reports in the Dutch press on the colourful life of its leader and president , Desie Bouterse, the country of Surinam (former Dutch Guyana) is rarely in the news.

There is, however, a substantial contingent of immigrants from Surinam in The Netherlands. And there is a, somewhat tenuous, link with Mill Hill. Fr Jan Leijen mhm served in Surinam for a number of years and other Mill Hill missioaries serving in a multicultural parish (Bijlmer) in Amsterdam have visited.

Flights from Surinam are classified as 'high risk' and passengers come under very close scrutiny when arriving at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) as I discovered recently. Surinam is a notorious hub for drugtrafficking.

A photographic impression of a very brief visit.

Fons Eppink mhm

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