Africa Cluster Meeting

The Africa Cluster meeting of this year was held at Mill Hill house Nairobi, from the 7th to the 11th November 2016. These meetings where constituted by Chapter 2010 with the aim of creating a Forum where the Society Representatives from the six African countries with a Mill Hill presence come together once a year. In the presence of the Councillor for Africa they share how the members in their respective countries are living out the Society’s mission priorities, the needs, joys and experience of their local areas. They also discuss matters of Society Policy and its implementation, and make recommendations to the General Council for future planning. It’s also an opportunity for the Councillor for Africa representing the General Council to brief the leaders of some of latest developments in the Society.


Mill Hill Asia Cluster Meeting

Delegates from various countries in Asia (Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Philippines) met in Iloilo, Philippines from 3 - 6 May in the presence of MIchael Corcoran, General Superior, and Jimmy Lindero, General Councillor. A group photo taken at this occcasion:

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