The Church and Peace in South Sudan

The Church and Peace in South Sudan

John Ashworth

For decades John Ashworth has been a perceptive and credible witness to developments in Sudan.
His Book ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ (Pauline Publications 2014) chronicles the role of the Church in the Sudanese Civil War 1983 – 2005. This current article featuring in Sudan Studies focuses on the role the Church might play to resolving the current genocidal conflict in South Sudan.


The Church in South Sudan has a unique credibility and moral authority. It was the only institution which remained on the ground with the people throughout the 1983-2005 civil war. It has been involved in peace processes at all levels since 1972. This article seeks to trace some of those activities and show the relevance of the Church to resolving the current conflict.

Source: Sudan Studies No 56 October 2017

The Church and Peace in South Sudan by John Ashworth


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