The Struggles of Life

The Struggles of Life

Kartheek Madasi

This poem is a contribution from Kartheek Madasi who is a theology student resident at the Mill Hill Formation House in Nairobi.


I questioned as a child out of innocence
Which my elders thought nonsense
But still understood not I
The mystery of it all, why?

I questioned, posed but stopped not
As I grew up, 'not to pose is ought'
Reminded was I again and again
But I kept posing in mind which was fine

I struggled to know human existence
Without worrying to know my essence
I searched to unravel the secrets of nature
Without ceasing to know me as creature

Inadequate was my knowledge
As I was balanced on a knife edge
I thought it would be an unending search
As I was searching for great light with a small torch

Though my hair turned from black to white
And I remained all day long quite
Summer passed and rains came
And winter gave itself into spring

I beheld others' birth and death
But my search remained with
I thought of a day to come
On that day my search would bloom

Though I may die and be dust
Let my search be continued lest
Truth remain in the shadow of error
Life remain in the shadow of death
Love remain in the shadow of hate

This dream may seem impossible
Push yourself beyond horizons of life and death
One day my child, the truth will be revealed
Secrets be opened, codes be broken and
Mysteries be under the control of mind

Kartheek Madasi

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